Data Security with Microsoft Azure

Data Security with Microsoft Azure The general debate about the utility of Cloud-based solutions seems to have been settled – over 90 percent of global enterprises report using cloud computing in some part of their business. But do manufacturers hesitant to make the switch have legitimate security concerns, and is there any new tech available […]

An Introduction to OEE

An Introduction to OEE Often misunderstood, it’s still the premier standard for measuring manufacturing productivity. Read on to learn why applying Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) correctly can give manufacturers a leg up on the competition. OEE works by assigning a numerical value to improvement opportunities. It factors in the availability, performance, and output quality of […]

Saving Money by Reducing Downtime

Saving Money by Reducing Downtime Machine downtime has been the bane of manufacturers for as long as there have been machines, but new technologies have emerged that make it easier to identify the causes of downtime, calculate its costs, and keep it to an absolute minimum. Consumers today demand goods and services on time and […]