What is Manufacturo eBox?

Manufacturo eBox is an intuitive production management solution for repetitive manufacturing. The app tracks performance, quality, availability, tasks, and alerts at the shop floor. It comes with analytics to eliminate the most common quality losses and unplanned downtimes. Standard functionality and fast implementation give immediate business results.

Key Features

Shop floor visibility

Operators and managers have clear view into production progress and issues on individual workstations, production lines or departments. Data are automatically gathered and shared with employees and 3rd party systems.

Alerts about shopfloor issues

Managers and maintenance engineers are immediately notified about shopfloor issues that require their attention. Response and resolution time are tracked together with details of taken actions.

Analytics and reporting

Solution provides analytical insights allowing quick evaluation of issues and implementation of corrective and preventive actions. Information is instantly available to all parties involved in Manufacturo or via automatically generated emails.

Main Benefits

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Manufacturo ALERTIGO is an alert and exception management system that provides a rich set of notifications, and enables the entire operation to become more proactive to potential issues through early warnings and immediate fist-hand notifications.

Manufacturo eKnows is an innovative application that streamlines maintenance tasks. It allows the operators to solve production line issues without involving the maintenance team or more experienced colleagues.

Manufacturo eWorkin streamlines workflows, automate processes, and leverages the technology in mobile devices. The app collects rich data for analysis and process improvement, empowers employees with relevant info.

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