Edge & Integration

Interoperable plug-in solution integrating with manufacturing machines, tools or third-party systems to accelerate industrial digitalisation and enable remote real-time control and visibility of entire manufacturing lines

Creating more joined-up, efficient and transparent manufacturing processes will require open, interoperable solutions to enable high-speed digitalisation and integration of all manufacturing tools and technologies.


Connects to almost all current machines using various protocols such as web services, OPC , etc.


Automate processes with little to no user interaction


Using automated machines such as DC toque tools, removes the need of second party buyoffs and can reduce the overhead by over 80%


Adapts to changing automation by moving manufacturing practices in a more flexible system and keeping automation logic simple

The problem it solves

Manufacturo’s Edge Integration helps reduce manufacturing inefficiencies, dissolve silos between workflows and improve transparency around production through the digitalisation and integration of fragmented legacy manufacturing systems.

Edge Integration:

  • Integrates with manufacturing machines, tools or systems to rapidly retrofit legacy systems for Industry 4.0
  • Digitally integrates equipment to dissolve data silos and connect fragmented manufacturing workflows
  • Enables manufacturers to optimise all parts and processes for cumulative cost-efficiency
  • Reconfigure or recalibrate any machines to meet changing requirements to enable more agile production processes
  • Offers bi-directional communication with any machines to ensure transparency and traceability across manufacturing lines


Edge & Integration seamlessly integrates with tools and technologies, enabling legacy manufacturing systems to be rapidly retrofitted and future-proof factories for new technologies. This will create fully connected, agile and lean manufacturing processes.

Accelerating industrial digitalisation and automation

Edge & Integration enables high-speed modernisation and adaptation of manufacturing through seamless integration and communication with all manufacturing tools and technologies.

  • Instantly implement changes through rapid recalibration or configuration of machines for new requirements
  • Future-proof assembly lines through instant integration with any future tools or technologies
  • Enable complete visibility and control of production through integration with any factory floor systems from printers and file systems to industrial robots

Creating connected, efficient, transparent production

Manufacturo’s Edge & Integration enables manufacturers to gather data from every part of the production process and create a digital thread linking all processes to spur efficiencies across the manufacturing line which:

  • Drives universal visibility and traceability by recording and reporting data from machines in any format
  • Connects entire industrial IoT through interoperability with all machines, tools or third-party systems via web services and protocols
  • Increases visibility and traceability across manufacturing through remote, real-time two-way communication with all manufacturing machines

Manufacturo Edge & Integration creates a fully connected factory floor to drive efficient, adaptable, connected manufacturing processes.

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