What is Manufacturo eWorkin?

Manufacturo eWorkin is an efficient solution to manage shop floor maintenance and quality workflows leveraging mobile devices. eWorkin directs and guides users through their daily tasks and collects rich data for analysis and process improvement. Thanks to this, employees are empowered by relevant info, they know what to do next, how to do it and system assures their process adherence. 

Key Features

Streamlined workflows and automated processes 

Operators receive prioritized tasks and corresponding work instructionsCompleted tasks are automatically turned into actionable information. It allows managers to quickly respond to issues and improve processes for the future.

Always up-to-date information available on hand 

There is easy access to the data via mobile devices, so the information is available anywhere at any time. All information that your workforce needs is at their fingertips.

Designed for many labor-intensive roles 

The app can be used for planned and unplanned maintenance and quality tasks. It can be easily configured to match a company’s specific processes, as it was designed to be flexible and simple to use. 

Main Benefits

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Manufacturo ALERTIGO is an alert and exception management system that provides a rich set of notifications, and enables the entire operation to become more proactive to potential issues through early warnings and immediate fist-hand notifications.

Manufacturo eKnows is an innovative application that streamlines maintenance tasks. It allows the operators to solve production line issues without involving the maintenance team or more experienced colleagues.

Manufacturo eBox is a comprehensive equipment monitoring solution. The app tracks performance, quality, availability, tasks, and alerts on any machine. It offers a quick and affordable way to assess the current state and demonstrate potential improvement areas.

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