Shopfloor Operations

Manufacturo drives smart, strategic shopfloor operations, allowing manufacturers to centrally manage all manufacturing materials, processes and tools for maximum efficiency and productivity. 

Demand for agile, efficient manufacturing creates an imperative for shopfloor systems capable of instantly integrating engineering changes into products, tracing and validating components in real-time.


Supports both highly complex manual operations to fully automated high volume manufacturing in a single platform


Enables a 30%+ increase in efficiency by reducing manual tasks and reworks


Improve as-built accuracy and significantly reduce the effort of managing containments

The problem it solves

Manufacturo’s Shopfloor Operations enables uninterrupted, agile, efficient production by continually adjusting material supplies, methods and tools to evolving design requirements, resources or operational realities.

Shopfloor Operations:

  • Tracks production progress against targets to avert unexpected delays or costs
  • Offers dynamic, data-driven work instructions to seamlessly integrate last-minute changes
  • Provides real-time inline validation of parts ensuring traceability across complex production processes
  • Monitor and manage nonconformance events on-site to predict and prevent product defects
  • Live shopfloor data ensures everything from tool calibration to torque is always aligned to designs
  • Align production and inventory transactions to prevent part shortages or waste


Manufacturo’s Shopfloor Operations gives manufacturers complete end-to-end visibility and control over shopfloor operations to boost quality control, reduce risks, drive efficiency savings and increased speed to market.

Agile high-speed production

Shopfloor Operations enables agile, streamlined assembly lines and manufacturing processes by seamlessly incorporating and recording product changes across end-to-end production.

Shopfloor Operations:

  • Seamlessly manages change by incorporating new redlines or design changes into work instructions
  • Enables adaptable, efficient assembly lines through controlled navigation operations with hard stops
  • Provides complete visibility and traceability by comparing production of parts to original designs in real-time
  • Automatically tracks project progress against targets through real-time updates on part completion rates
  • Creates adaptive assembly lines by autonomously synchronising kitting or replenishments with live production progress

Dynamic, data-driven operations

Shopfloor Operations enables real-time visibility and traceability of products across the shopfloor to enable smart, predictive production by:

  • Anticipating and averting risks by recording and resolving nonconformance events inline in real-time
  • Helps contain product errors at source by enabling manufacturers to see any unresolved nonconformance issues before they reach the rest of the assembly line nonconformance tickets and resolution timelines
  • Helping to predict and increase speed to market with live updates to all inventories based on production progress on the shopfloor
  • Drives smart decisions through a single overview of assembly from first part to finished product

Manufacturo Shopfloor Operations enables remote real-time visibility and control across the shopfloor to drive more adaptable, resilient and efficient production.

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