Manufacturo is a cloud-based manufacturing platform that will optimize your production processes and improve your efficiency, quality, and compliance. This innovative solution offers both off-the-shelf applications and an ability to develop new tailored applications that can be deployed in just a few weeks, providing immediate value for the company. Manufacturo can easily integrate and enhance your existing manufacturing systems.

What's beyond...

Customized to your needs

We created Manufacturo to change the way you buy, implement, and use manufacturing solutions. The platform is built using the microservices architecture, supports global deployments, and enables rapid implementation of Industrial IoT (IIoT).

Security first is security always

What you get are value and unlimited possibilities. You do not need to worry about significant upfront software or implementation costs – you only pay for what you use. Infrastructure, security, and updates are all covered by the subscription plan.

Money value of time

Manufacturo’s main aim is to speed up and simplify the deployment and roll-out of manufacturing applications delivering real business value. With this tool, you can quickly adapt to the fast-changing business environment and ensure project success.


Deploy Manufacturo applications in a matter of weeks, not months or years, and deliver immediate value to your business.

Want to know more?

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Who are we for?

We designed Manufacturo for companies that want to deploy modern and flexible manufacturing solutions that leverage the power of the cloud.  Manufacturo offers agility, performance, and cost-efficiency for companies ready to take their manufacturing operations to the next level.


Fast implementation time

No hidden costs

Agile and flexible

Supports global deployments

Always up-to-date

Lower entry costs

Quicker ROI

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