To find out more about other manufacturing execution capabilities, visit Manufacturo MES software. The following are details on Nonconformance Management that enables companies to effectively control and monitor the nonconformance process and improve quality management at every stage. 

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How Manufacturo MES software manages defects

Some form of consistent and reliable nonconformance management is part of manufacturing operations in most if not all industries. For emerging high-tech manufacturers, effective nonconformance tracking and control is crucial. This approach ensures quality in accordance to ISO9001 or AS9100 standards, satisfies industry and customer demands, and facilitates successful risk management. With Manufacturo Nonconformance Management, you can easily report, track, and actively control defects on the shop floor or in inventory, monitor quality metrics, and drive forward process improvements and quality management best practices. 

Manufacturo Nonconformance Management is a next-generation solution seamlessly integrated with production, inventory, one view as-built configuration, and other Manufacturo apps to ensure you can quickly identify, track, and control defects from suppliers, during receipt in the warehouse, or in production on the shop floor. 

Comply with guidelines, laws, strict regulations, and all industry standards

Eliminate room for human mistakes to prevent errors
from escaping downstream or out of quality-controlled locations

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Nonconformance Management enables manufacturers to:


Benefit from seamless integration with inventory transactions, work orders, and shop-floor execution to provide explicit defect visibility during transactions and critical decision points, facilitating active management and control of production workflows, for example, blocking completion of specified steps or operations and managing inventory status to prevent escapes.


Capitalize on the highly flexible configuration engine providing virtually unlimited options for conditional disposition approval and escalation workflows based on part pedigree, disposition, and hardware risk, putting you in control of your workflow and enforcement of business rules and procedures.


Leverage Manufacturo Integrator to automate internal or external transactions associated with dispositions, for example updating inventory in an ERP system.


Use reporting and alerting natively built into Manufacturo to gain direct access to collected data, and create customized notifications and reports to suit specific business needs and quality reviews.


Monitor multiple defective conditions with independent workflows within the same ticket and multiple disposition attempts, ensuring the manufacturer can appropriately work through an evolving solution.


Reduce interruptions in fast-paced environments with high throughput needs by capitalizing on Manufacturo’s simplified nonconformance integration and support of a unique Kanban high-volume production workflow. 


Drive continuous improvement with nonconformance's ability to seamlessly integrate with as-built data, receiving/precision inspection workflows, event/activity blocking, containment, corrective/preventative actions, and many other services as they mature on the Manufacturo platform, including data flows from product lifecycle management (PLM) systems to connect defective condition data directly to engineering requirements and characteristics. 

Learn more about managing nonconformances and defective products, and contact us to learn how Manufacturo helps ensure product quality and reliability. 

Nonconformance management solution that manages quality issues and increases safety

All manufacturers strive to avoid unnecessary costs, optimize production processes, and limit potential quality issues, but companies operating in complex industries, such as aerospace or defense, must take nonconformance tracking to another level. Mitigating risks by identifying and controlling defects is simply not enough. Hi-tech businesses need nonconformance software that not only drives quality processes but also traces nonconformities and the subsequent disposition actions from end to end, in real-time at every stage, and brings data-driven decision-making into the forefront for effective risk management.

Manufacturo Nonconformance Management allows for monitoring, active control, and tracking of every single defective component or assembly used across the organization. This way, if a defect needs to be reworked or redesigned, the whole documentation process and workflow is digitalized and automated to eliminate human errors and ensure all ISO 9001 or AS9100 quality standards are met. 

Effective quality improvement

A dedicated nonconformance management application will help actively and effectively control, track, and report defects in inventory or on the shop floor, keep track of essential quality metrics, drive forward process improvements and quality management best practices. 

Configurable disposition approval

Configurable disposition approval and workflow will help ensure appropriate control and manage overhead involved in processing defects. A a one-size-fits-all model broken into highly flexible and distinct workflow improves efficiency and ensures valuable engineering time is spent on the things that really matter. 

Increased safety and compliance

A nonconformance application customized to manufacturing needs and stringent standards in hi-tech industries will effectively increase safety and compliance through effective and active integrated workflow controls with production. Our nonconformance solution prevents defects from going unnoticed and restricts the commencement of hazardous operations. 

A powerful nonconformance management solution that ensures continuous quality improvement

Manufacturo Nonconformance Management makes nonconformance processes faster, simpler, and data-driven in real-time. Managing nonconformance issues using Manufacturo's configurable nonconformance management solution enables manufacturers to: 

  • Contain and correct errors inline in real time to prevent defects escaping across assembly lines downstream 

  • Separate concerns for further actions by explicitly referencing where the defect was found, where it must be resolved, and where it originated from—enabling robust quality metrics for investigation and KPI management 

  • Provide engineers with valuable insights that allow for instant adjustments of work instructions inline to fix errors 

  • Identify nonconformance and common errors, helping optimize and inform further action management to avoid recurrence 

  • Accelerate entire nonconformance process from detection through decisions, to disposition actions to prevent costly delays 

  • Smart nonconformance management to facilitate improved monitoring and tracking of manufacturing operations, all while ensuring efficient use of limited human resources 

Nonconformance capabilities that ensure quality standards

In hi-tech manufacturing, a robust nonconformance process is a must-have for manufacturers to keep their operating costs under control, comply with strict regulations and standards (including ISO 9001 and AS9100), and minimize defects across multiple complex processes.   

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Powerful quality management tool that guarantees traceability and control of defects

Manufacturers across all sectors and industries seek ways to effectively manage product nonconformances. Due to the unique nature of their manufacturing operations, hi-tech emergent companies look for proven solutions that reduce the cost and risk of manufacturing through smart systems that help effectively manage defects that occur and prevent them from escaping. Manufacturo MES brings full visibility to nonconformance events to enforce safety and quality standards across all operations. 

Nonconformance Management:

  • Boosts regulatory compliance with automatic end-to-end traceability and visibility of causes 

  • Supports human decisions and eliminates room for errors through alerts, analysis, and instructions sent to employees 

  • Prevents errors from escaping downstream or out of quality-controlled locations (e.g., MRB cages) 

Comply with guidelines, laws, strict regulations, and all industry standards

Eliminate room for human mistakes to prevent errors
from escaping downstream or out of quality-controlled locations

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