To learn more about production process management solutions, visit Manufacturo MES software. The following are details on Shopfloor Operations that helps production managers and operators on the shop floor meet both industry standards and business objectives. 

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How Manufacturo MES software effectively drives change management

Automated and digitalized shop floor environments enable manufacturing companies in hi-tech emergent industry to manage the various changes that are inevitable part of an R&D landscape they operate in, whether in the planning phase or full-scale production.

Manufacturo’s Shopfloor Operations module aids high-tech emerging companies in effectively managing change. This is achieved by enabling the integration of engineering modifications and mBOM version alterations into both the process plan and live work orders. Our robust redline processes, which include redlining by individual serials in multi-quantity work orders, facilitate the management of unique deviations. 

Introduce and record product changes across end-to-end production

Incorporate new redlines or design changes into work instructions
to facilitate change management

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Shopfloor Operations enables manufacturers to: 


Create work orders from within the application or integrate with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in place.


Ensure high traceability through collection of all serial and lot numbers of components used for production.


Drive effective communication between shop floor supervisors and shop floor workers based on real-time data.


Benefit from extended screens, triggers set up based on individual requirements, custom actions created to fit existing and potential scenarios.


Use the Rollback capability to easily apply correction.


Collect production data and present it in digestible form displayed in an intuitive user interface (UI).


Monitor and manage inventory through full inventory integration that automates kitting orders placement and lineside inventory tracking, increases control of consumables, substitutes, and backflush, captures installs to prevent component swaps, creates real-time accurate as-built genealogy.


Experience the advantages of mBOM revision management, which includes the most recent process plan revisions. 


Redline in operations, without stopping the work order or clocking out users, to keep all your process running smoothly and to ensure that you meet the set deadlines. 


Allow the system check if the collected production data is conforming.


Run optimized shop floor operations that lead to a swift buyoff process. 


Configure data entry fields based on the production floor management’s objectives and requirements.


Use Must Resolve by mechanism to control the hardware defect escapes. 


Leverage configurable labor tracking at step or operation level. 


Create checklists for operators to help run checks of their work stations before and after shifts. 


Tag people in comments and alerts to accelerate and improve shop floor communication. 


Attach files in diverse formats and use QR code scanners.

Read on to find out how to best monitor shop floor operations and contact us to learn how Manufacturo can help your shop floor team and production managers collaborate effectively. 

Why successful shop floor control matters 

Modern shop floor control requires digitalized solutions and integrated systems. Especially in innovation and hi-tech emergent industries, production floor management isn’t just about getting to the buyoff stage as quickly as possible. For factory floor control practices to drive desired outcome, manufacturers need a holistic production management solution that effectively integrates with planning and production systems already in place.

Manufacturo Shopfloor Operations effortlessly integrates with numerous external product lifecycle management (PLM) systems and, most importantly, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems such as Oracle or SAP. Manufacturo's shop floor management software enables production managers to enhance process planning and sustain fully integrated shop floor activities. This is done in conjunction with nonconformance management, enabling the inclusion of disposition workflows on both standard and deviated operations. 

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Let digital transformation improve manufacturing processes

Manufacturing facilities are often challenged with optimizing real-time shop floor communication and collaboration that enable production teams to perform tasks at their best. Increasingly often, technological progress requires of factory floor control processes to be part of a wider and digitally automated floor control. Traditional shop floor approaches might work for small-scale and local manufacturers, but they are hardly enough in an advanced production landscape.

Manufacturo MES software provides intuitive shop floor management dashboard to help businesses manage change and run smart, strategic operations, allowing both complex and high-volume manufacturers to centrally manage all raw materials, production processes, and tools for maximum efficiency and productivity. Shopfloor Operations facilitates the immediate integration of engineering changes into products, the collection of real-time data, and the assurance of easy traceability for all components. 

Built-in capabilities that facilitate change management

A single platform with built-in capabilities will enable engineers, production managers, and shop floor team to effectively manage the ongoing changes across both highly complex manual operations and fully automated high-volume manufacturing processes in a dynamic R&D type of environment.

A boost to efficiency reports

A significantly reduced number of manual tasks and reworks will result in 30%+ increase in the reported efficiency. 

Faster and easier containment management

Available out-of-the-box functionalities will quickly improve as-built accuracy and significantly reduce the effort of managing containments.  

Robust shop floor that gives competitive advantage

Manufacturo Shopfloor Operations enables uninterrupted processes, efficient shop floor collaboration, and smooth production by continually adjusting material supplies, methods, and tools to evolving design requirements, resources, or operational realities. Executing a production plan using Manufacturo's automated shop floor management software enables manufacturers to: 

  • Track production progress against targets to avert unexpected delays or costs 

  • Create dynamic, data-driven work instructions to seamlessly integrate last-minute changes 

  • Benefit from real-time inline validation of parts ensuring traceability across complex production processes 

  • Monitor and manage on-site nonconformance events to prevent product defects from escaping 

  • Leverage real-time data to ensure everything from tool calibration to torque is always aligned to designs 

  • Control data to align production and inventory transactions and prevent part shortages or waste 

Configurable features that optimize shop floor operations

Shopfloor Operations offers many factory floor control features not only to production managers but also shop floor employees. The application provides manufacturers with complete end-to-end visibility, real-time data, and greater control over shop floor processes to boost quality control, reduce risks, drive efficiency savings, and increase speed to market. Manufacturo's shop floor solution supports streamlined assembly lines and manufacturing processes by: 

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Incorporating and recording product changes across end-to-end production.


Managing change by incorporating new redlines or design changes into work instructions.


Enabling adaptable, efficient assembly lines through controlled navigation operations with hard stops. 


Providing complete visibility and traceability by comparing production of parts to original designs in real time. 


Tracking project progress against targets automatically and through real-time updates on part completion rates. 


Creating adaptive assembly lines by autonomously synchronizing kitting or replenishments with live production progress. 

Dynamic, data-driven insights that help slash production costs

Manufacturers seek an effective factory floor management software that will help them increase shop floor efficiency, optimize production schedule, collect real-time production data, and improve visibility and traceability of products. Manufacturo MES software shortens manufacturers' transition to a fully digital shop floor to a fraction of the time, compared to other popular shop floor control solutions. 

Shopfloor Operations:

  • Enables remote real-time visibility and control across the shop floor to drive more adaptable, resilient, and efficient production 

  • Allows for anticipating and averting risks by recording and resolving nonconformance events inline in real time 

  • Helps contain product errors at source by enabling manufacturers to see any unresolved nonconformance issues before they reach the rest of the assembly line nonconformance tickets and resolution timelines 

  • Makes it easy to predict and increase speed to market with live updates to all inventories based on production progress on the shop floor 

  • Drives smart decisions through a single overview of assembly from first part to finished product

Introduce and record product changes across end-to-end production

Incorporate new redlines or design changes into work instructions
to facilitate change management

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