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Manufacturo offers a connected suite of applications designed specifically for the space industry, where precision, efficiency, and safety are paramount. Our platform provides real-time updates and seamless change management to accommodate the industry's dynamic requirements, ensuring that production plans remain on track despite regulatory changes, design modifications, or unexpected challenges. With digitalized and automated processes, we enhance efficiency and provide unparalleled visibility into nonconformance events, enabling proactive quality control measures to uphold the impeccable standards of spacecraft design requirements. Additionally, our consolidated one-system solution simplifies cross-functional collaboration, synchronizing workflows, and eliminating bottlenecks. Manufacturo is not just a software solution; it's a strategic asset tailored to propel space companies to their planned peak apogee.

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Spacecraft assembly integration and testing can present significant challenges. From final payload preparation to electromechanical component fabrication, meticulous control and documentation of every detail are essential. Even minor deviations can potentially jeopardize an entire mission, making non-conformance management and containment critical. Compounding this, the as-built configuration may differ from the initial plan due to rapid implementation of lessons learned and adjustments to hardware availability. Manufacturo offers specialized applications designed to systematically simplify solutions for these challenges.

Our manufacturing management software is meticulously designed to optimize every facet of production. Avoid relying on manual workarounds that can impede progress and introduce human error. Instead, let us assist you in enabling efficient, integrated processes through our comprehensive solution.

Our core products were built on the foundational knowledge of advanced SpaceX business software systems. We’ve enhanced this through a continuous feedback loop with our new space industry customers.

With Manufacturo, you’ll experience enhanced change management, ensuring real-time communication of procedure updates to key stakeholders such as production planners, production engineers, and shop-floor technicians. With complete digital thread of production lines, accessible from any network location, Manufacturo provides space industry manufacturers with a holistic view across the whole manufacturing process, tying together production, supply chain, and quality. Consequently, you gain superior inventory management and unprecedented control of nonconformance events to prevent nonconformance escapes effectively, safeguarding product quality with efficiency.

Furthermore, Manufacturo's data-driven insights facilitate streamlined workflows and promote effective collaboration, enabling informed decision-making tailored to the dynamic needs of the space industry.

All-in-one integrated solution


Automate processes to cut manual tasks and reworks, boost your production efficiency by over 30%.


Manage change effectively, control production processes, and centrally manage all raw materials and tools for maximum productivity.


Integrate nonconformance management to monitor, control, and track every single defective component or assembly used across the organization with reduced risk of human errors.


Control multisite and multilevel as-built genealogy traceability from top to bottom and from bottom to top to quickly identify and act on problematic materials.


Leverage a CAPA solution for internal and external audits, ensuring compliance with ISO 9001 and AS9100 standards for engagement with government and federal agencies.


Optimize access and visibility to product data across its entire lifecycle, minimizing time wasted searching for accurate production insights.

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Department-specific benefits


C-level executives gain the single source of truth of all three manufacturing areas, i.e., production, quality, and supply chain, to ensure informed strategic decision-making and organizational transparency. Manufacturo enables executives to effortlessly track the high-level status of specific programs, identifying problem areas promptly and understanding what actions are needed. By pinpointing bottlenecks and inefficiencies, executives can strategize on how to accelerate processes and optimize resource allocation, ultimately saving both time and money. With clear visibility into operations, they can swiftly identify accountability for issues and access fast business metrics, enabling agile responses to evolving situations. Additionally, tracking progress against deadlines and understanding the cost implications in real time helps executives make informed decisions to ensure projects stay on track and within budget, while also exploring ways to save costs and drive overall efficiency.


Technicians, supervisors, and production managers can perform their tasks faster and more efficiently. Technicians can quickly and effectively follow clear and intuitive work instructions, without the need to fill out too many details. Supervisors and production managers are able to quickly get the status of the in-progress products they need to build. Consequently, it’s much easier for supervisors to manage the capacity of their technicians and equipment, knowing they have all materials and equipment ready in advance to get the job done.


Manufacturing, test, and integration engineers can efficiently minimize constraints, easily track as-built configuration, and effectively manage process controls to constantly communicate with various stakeholders to make sure the design intent is always met with the shop-floor operators, production coordinators, quality, and procurement.


Quality specialists can contain and correct errors inline in real time to prevent defects from escaping across assembly lines downstream, providing engineers with crucial data and insights that enable calculated dispositions and instant adjustments of work instructions inline to fix errors.

Supply Chain/Inventory

Supply chain and inventory managers can successfully enforce consistent standards across fragmented manufacturing processes through centralized tracking of all inventory movements and material quantities in real time to prevent manufacturing inefficiencies and eliminate unexpected component shortages.


IT staff has a lower bill of IT, freeing IT specialists from having to manage additional servers, software, security, patching, or databases, allowing them to shift focus towards maintaining the existing on-site infrastructure and systems.

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You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to implementing our space manufacturing software. Manufacturo was designed to mold into your existing manufacturing model, not the other way around, so you can count on custom-prepared installation, tailored integration, and speed-of-need deployment.

Step 1
Tell us about your manufacturing operations, existing pain points, on-premises solutions, and regulatory requirements so that together we can develop the best action plan for your business model.
Step 2
Based on your challenges and needs, your team and our experts will select one of the two available Manufacturo options: Standard or Enterprise.
Step 3
Installing, deploying, and integrating a new Manufacturo environment takes about a day to complete. To accomplish this, we utilize a suite of convenient tools including Terraform, Azure command-line interface (CLI), Azure DevOps, and Helm. To host the space manufacturing software in the Azure infrastructure, we leverage Infrastructure as Code (IoC) with Terraform and the Azure CLI. 
Step 4
When the infrastructure is created, Azure DevOps builds Docker images, uploads them to Azure Container Registry, and runs them on Kubernetes cluster hosted with Azure Kubernetes Services.


In spacecraft manufacturing, where precision and reliability are paramount, Manufacturo ensures effective cross-team collaboration and seamless coordination between different production stages, optimizing resource utilization and minimizing errors. Consequently, engineers can put together processes to meet the design intent and quality requirements, all while efficiently managing as-built configuration.


Launch vehicles

In launch vehicle manufacturing, where safety and precision are crucial, Manufacturo provides real-time monitoring and control over manufacturing operations, encompassing everything from tracking as-build configuration, through standardizing processes, to minimizing constraints. Consequently, engineers can successfully capture actual install records and reconcile between mBOM/process plan components versus as-built. Moreover, Manufacturo facilitates the management of assembly, integration, testing, and launch procedures in a unified platform, allowing for flexible multisite and offsite access. Consequently, a launch vehicle might be built in one place, tested in another, then launched in several possible locations.


In the defense sector, where planning and assembly processes are complex, Manufacturo ensures mission readiness and effectively helps meet higher volume demands within tight timeframes. It seamlessly integrates process plans and manufacturing bills of materials (mBOM), enabling defense manufacturers to swiftly adjust to design modifications and evolving market needs. Through meticulous monitoring of material utilization, production schedules, and performance indicators, Manufacturo optimizes efficiency and minimizes lead times.

Drones Defense


In aircraft manufacturing, where safety requirements are stringent and rigorous, Manufacturo plays a critical role by providing a robust framework for managing complex production processes to make sure installation and maintenance procedures are in the correct sequence and thus prevent reworks. Aircraft technicians and engineers can fully trust and rely on procedure controls and quality gates, such as buyoffs, data collects, and nonconformance linkage.


We are proud to be collaborating with top innovators and leading space industry brands.

I think why we picked Manufacturo tool is the huge chance to be part of it too, maybe guide a little bit and get customization benefits out of it while having a fresh, new, adaptive system to our needs.
Peter Dachs
Head of Production and Test at Mynaric
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Manufacturo is an all-in-one integrated solution for planning and building very complicated products across all integrated systems throughout the company, such as PLM, MES, ERP, and many other systems that they have tied into one, and that’s crucial when designing and building very complicated products.”
Trevor Thunell
Director of Build & Manufacturing Engineering on Dream Chaser at Sierra Space
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Frequently asked questions

Space manufacturing software encompasses specialized solutions, applications, and modules used in the planning, design, production, testing, and maintenance of space components and systems. Key systems include PLM for product lifecycle management, MES for shop floor control, ERP for integrated enterprise business processes, MRP for material requirements planning, and simulation tools for optimization.

Depending on the manufacturing model and needs, several types of software are used in the space industry. Different solutions are used to plan, design, manufacture, and maintain spacecraft and spacecraft. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) for creating detailed 2D and 3D models of space components and systems.
  • Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) to generate toolpaths and instructions for CNC machines to manufacture space parts.
  • Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) for simulating and analyzing the performance of space designs, including structural integrity, aerodynamics, and thermal properties.
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to manage the entire lifecycle of space products from concept to retirement, including design, manufacturing, and maintenance.
  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to monitor and control the production processes on the shop floor, ensuring efficiency and quality in space manufacturing.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to integrate various business processes across the enterprise, such as supply chain management, finance, and human resources.
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP) to simplify complex planning and help calculate material required to meet production plans and customer demand.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) systems play a vital role in the space industry by enabling space manufacturers to efficiently manage their inventory, streamline procurement, and ensure the availability of inventory and components for production. A successfully integrated MRP system is crucial for optimizing supply chains, reducing costs, enforcing quality standards, and maintaining efficient operations in space manufacturing.

In the space industry, like in any other manufacturing sector, ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. Traditionally, an ERP system is used for integrating various business processes within space manufacturing companies, including supply chain management, finance department, human resources, and customer relationship management. ERP systems help space manufacturers streamline operations, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) in the space industry is a specialized system that optimizes and manages manufacturing processes for spacecraft components. It schedules production, manages work orders, allocates resources efficiently, ensures quality control, tracks inventory, maintains regulatory compliance, and provides data analytics. MES enhances productivity, quality, and reliability in space industry manufacturing.