Inventory Management

Achieve optimal precision of managed inventory levels, ensuring every part is in the right place at the right time, in sync with production. Optimize your end-to-end operations with reliable traceability across every stage of the product lifecycle—delivering complete situational awareness of all parts in inventory. 

Our PLM integration with Manufacturo is super seamless and has been incredibly powerful, in terms of the speed the beginning of the product lifecycle an engineer can release a part [in PLM] and it's instantaneously pushed to Manufacturo with all its BOM (Bill of Materials) components, as well, which has been another cornerstone of our success here...

Ellen Malloy

Director of Manufacturing, Hermeus
Inventory Management SS

Features and Benefits


Maintain optimal inventory accuracy with advanced tools and technology that provide near real-time visibility of all parts. 


Display inventory levels and controls directly on the shopfloor, enabling techs to easily view the parts that have been delivered or are in transit.


Intelligent labeling and barcoding (iTags) enable users to scan a single barcode--to track the part details, including trace, location, container, and quality in a single scan.


Ensures efficient management of receiving, shipping and advanced shipping notices (ASN) , and return to vendor processes, with the option to create and execute receiving inspection plans.


Utilize configurable traceability rules and the ability to change product master attributes like serial and lot, make and buy, and pedigree tracking for a particular part revision. 


With out of the box linking of inventory to shopfloor work orders and nonconformance management, accurate traceability of multi-level complex builds is simplified. 

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