To better manage inventory throughout the entire manufacturing process, our MES solution provides tools to track inventory at every stage in the warehouse or shop floor, ensuring the stock flows in sync with manufacturing and customers' needs. 

To learn more about manufacturing process solutions, visit Manufacturo MES software. The following are details on Inventory Management that focus on inventory processes and allow for monitoring and managing inventory to prevent unplanned stoppages. 

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How Manufacturo MES ensures real-time inventory control

An effective inventory management solution needs first and foremost to simplify and digitally transform existing and planned inventory management processes. Good manufacturing inventory management is particularly crucial in hi-tech and innovative industries, where inventory cost is typically higher and unplanned supply chain shortages can be detrimental to manufacturing operations or even lead to lost sales. With its Inventory Management feature, Manufacturo MES helps manufacturing companies solve their inventory management challenges, all while reducing production costs. 

Streamline your inventory management with real-time control

Ensure end-to-end traceability of all inventory movements
from vendor delivery, through production, to shipping

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Inventory Management enables manufacturers to:


Capitalize on end-to-end traceability of all inventory movements—from vendor delivery, through storage and production, all the way to shipping—integrated with all shop floor operations in a single view.


Precisely contain and prevent usage of defective inventory via seamless integration with Manufacturo Nonconformance Management, enabling precise containment at any stage through all manufacturing process: in storage, in production, and in shipping.


Ensure real-time transparency and seamless replenishment execution of inventory according to production demand.


Use a poka-yoke mechanism for real-time validation of correct inventory used for production and shipping based on material and order specifications.


Leverage adaptable traceability profiles allowing for inventory tracking details to be changed on the spot, without a need to recreate a stock.


Integrate orders and transactions in near real time, leading to more accurate and reliable data in an Enterprise Resource Planning system.


Accelerate task completion using an optimized user interface, responsive to work on mobile and desktop devices with effective utilization of barcode readers and label printers.

Read on to find out how to successfully manage inventory levels and contact us to learn how Manufacturo can support your manufacturing business in inventory tracking. 

Meet production demand with an effective inventory management system

The need and choice of an inventory management system can vary depending on the kind and type of products manufactured. High-volume manufacturing will require different inventory control software to that used in hi-tech and complex manufacturing operations. Manufacturing inventory management systems customized to your specific business needs will allow for better control of production process and faster buyoffs, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

The Manufacturo Inventory Management feature helps keep your inventory organized at every stage of the manufacturing process providing end-to-end visibility and traceability to give real-time insights and ensure your inventory records are always up to date. 

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The importance of inventory management

To develop and implement an efficient inventory management system, manufacturing companies today need more than a team of inventory professionals and an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Such an approach is a fundamental problem in the outdated inventory management practice that relies on spreadsheets, printed documents, and manual inputs. Disparate strategies hardly work even for manufacturers whose production processes are relatively simple and don't often change.

Demand for adaptable manufacturing and accelerated production requires smart manufacturing systems capable of dynamically matching all parts with production flows in real time. Manufacturo Inventory Management offers that and more, enabling manufacturing businesses to control and synchronize inventory levels across all manufacturing models at every stage of the process. 

Improved inventory control

A good inventory management system will quickly lead to improved inventory accuracy, and thereby increasing the accuracy of production planning and reduction of inventory-caused downtime in manufacturing processes. 

Real-time inventory tracking 

An extensive inventory management solution will provide real-time insights to effectively eliminate a need for frequent physical counts, reduce parts shortages on the line side, and gain visibility of the kitting status. 

End-to-end inventory management 

An advanced inventory management application will drive cost savings by eliminating errors and improving efficiencies for material handlers through smart scanning and precise inventory traceability. 

Powerful inventory management solution for complex manufacturing industry

Manufacturo Inventory Management helps hi-tech manufacturing businesses ensure real-time inventory control and keep production seamlessly flowing by monitoring all inventory transactions to pinpoint inefficiencies or faults and prevent supply chain shortages. Using Manufacturo's inventory management software for inventory tracking enables manufacturers to: 

  • Prevent material shortages enabling just-in-time manufacturing and averting unexpected delays 

  • Reduce inventory inefficiencies caused by excessive safety stock levels 

  • Gain end-to-end transparency and traceability to support effective containment and troubleshooting across departments and sites 

  • Improve efficiency of inventory handlers by optimally guiding them in the execution of prioritized tasks

Inventory management capabilities that drive agile manufacturing and reduce production costs

Effective inventory control is crucial not only for hi-tech manufacturers but across all industries and sectors. Manufacturo Inventory Management enables innovative manufacturing businesses to create an efficient and high-speed production process by automatically managing stock levels, scrap, and waste, all while dynamically matching material supply with manufacturing demand in real time. Manufacturo's inventory management solution helps drives agile manufacturing and reduce operating costs by:

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Tracking stock levels in real time to prevent manufacturing inefficiencies and eliminating unplanned component shortages, which, otherwise, lead to shop floor operations stoppages.  


Anticipating and averting materials deficiencies by monitoring, navigating, and matching replenishment with production demand in real time to ensure that components or substitutes are always available.


Supporting agility and flexibility of manufacturing operations by dynamically matching material supplies to engineering and product changes. 


Optimizing the work of inventory handlers by providing clear instructions and execution of prioritized tasks and orders. 

Dynamic inventory tracking that ensures consistent quality, safety, and sustainability

Poor inventory management may have a very negative impact on business performance, even leading to increased overhead costs and lost sales. Manufacturing and distribution companies always need to stay on top of their inventory, but the ability to track inventory in real time is even more essential in complex industries. Hi-tech emergent manufacturers are heavily reliant on transparent, smart, and predictable inventory management that tracks inventory from receiving to shipping and dynamically matches available inventory with manufacturing demands in real time.

Inventory Management: 

  • Enforces consistent quality control, safety, and sustainability standards of materials used across diverse assembly lines  

  • Allows for validating component quality and condition through end-to-end traceability of all inventory transactions  

  • Helps enforce consistent standards across fragmented manufacturing processes through centralized real-time tracking of all material quantities and movements 

  • Prevents usage of defective products through integration with Nonconformance Management 

  • Supports effective containment of defective parts through integration with One View Genealogy

Streamline your inventory management with real-time control

Ensure end-to-end traceability of all inventory movements
from vendor delivery, through production, to shipping

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