Process and Procedures

Provide engineers with tools to create and manage master procedures containing precise details on how products are built, integrated, and tested in the correct order, with the proper quality checks, throughout the entire design and production lifecycle.

With Manufacturo, we can actually dive down to really good, precision process improvements based on good data—not assumptions or hypothesis…These work orders and this data specifically enable us to be very pinpointed with manufacturing process improvements that increase our speed.

Ellen Malloy

Director of Manufacturing, Hermeus
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Features and Benefits


Supports multiple manufacturing methods, helping ensure the right plan for each job, while allowing different designs and builds for the same part.


Enables linking and mapping of the mBOM  for precise component installation and removal.


Provides complete procedure revision tracking, leveraging a full audit history through linked work orders and individual traces, ensuring accurate as-built traceability and compliance. 


Extensive data collection engine reliably captures all types and formats of data with control limits, must-pass rules, conditional display, calculations, data tables, and more. 


Designed for change, enabling easy, quick, and safe incorporation of redlines to ensure a single source of truth and best practice proliferation.


Build sequence flow control with split/merge operations, configurable role-based approvals, powerful procedure validation tools, and full export to PDF.

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