Integrator is an interoperable plug-in solution that integrates with manufacturing machines, tools, or third-party systems to drive digital transformation and increase control and visibility of the entire manufacturing process. Our successful integrations include SAP, Team Center, Oracle, and Odoo, among others.


Seamlessly integrate tools and technologies

Hi-tech emergent manufacturers operate in very demanding and complex environments. Their manufacturing processes are advanced and complicated, so they need solutions that enable seamless integration of all manufacturing machines and technologies.

Manufacturo's Integrator allows for uninterrupted connection between two applications when they communicate with each other. As a result, the signal received from machines and tools instantly reaches Manufacturo applications where it's interpreted to help you make best decisions based on real-time data. 

Achieve full integration of fragmented legacy manufacturing systems

Integrate with third-party systems, manufacturing machines,
and tools to increase control and visibility of the entire
manufacturing process

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Key capabilities

Manufacturo’s Integrator provides manufacturers with capabilities they need to achieve successful and full integration of fragmented legacy manufacturing systems. You can customize screens, control API calls, deploy screens and actions, and connect machines.

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Screens and customization

  • Rapidly create screens and embed them inside of existing standard screens that look and feel like Manufacturo screens
  • Allow administrators of Manufacturo to add additional fields of various types to extend standard Manufacturo Entities to suit your workflow and logic
  • Swiftly pass values across all major entities as events happen

API access and management   

  • More than 80 Public APIs which can be used to interface with industry ERPs and PLM as well as the automation layer
  • Full monitoring of APIs calls to see what was sent and received, which ones failed, to ensure no lost transactions or events
  • API Key Management used to generate unique access keys used to control what applications are talking to Manufacturo, and their permissions and scope
  • Create custom API endpoints to accept and expose data in a custom format

Scripts and actions  

  • Set parameters to easily enable deploying scripts and actions across environments
  • Create scripts using a rich software developer kit (SDK) that rapidly and easily allows for integrating with Manufacturo and changes the behavior of the software
  • Manufacturo features a comprehensive library of triggers, invoked during all major critical events, facilitating integration with other systems, performance checks, and logic alterations, among other functions

Connecting machines

  • Connect entire industrial Internet of Things (IoT) through interoperability with all machines, tools, or third-party systems via web services, protocols, and APIs
  • Convert signals into Manufacturo actions such as Start Machine, Record Data Collection, Issue Material, Raise Defect
  • Call all actions allowing for machines to talk to Manufacturo
  • Connect to almost all current machines using various protocols such as web services or OPC