To learn more about manufacturing process solutions, visit Manufacturo MES software. The following are details on ALERTigo which collects production data to effectively track data changes and send immediate alerts when they take place. Users can self-manage ALERTigo notifications, which puts them in control and eliminates turnaround time engaging with Manufacturo’s support services.


Capture data changes in to ensure seamless production

For manufacturers, especially in hi-tech and complex industries, basic production monitoring software is hardly enough. Their manufacturing operations are just too complicated. Assembly units must comply with stringent regulations, components need to go through external audits, and work orders can suddenly change their priority and require immediate attention. Many available manufacturing alerting and notification systems fall short in such complex and technologically demanding environments either spamming you with irrelevant notifications or skipping critical alerts.

Manufacturo's smart notification and alerting tool seamlessly integrates with the existing manufacturing systems without modifications, extending your capabilities.

Manufacturo's production planning technology helps effectively and seamlessly manage manufacturing process

Drive proactivity through early warnings or smart alerts tailored to your needs

Use fully automated data collection to effectively track
data changes and send immediate alerts when they take place

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ALERTigo enables manufacturers to:


Get the entire smart notification tool up and running in less than a day.


Predict and identify potential issues before they become critical blockers.


Ensure that no notification or warning goes unnoticed.


Use a variety of methods to set automated warnings and alert recipients to let the staff focus on more important tasks.


Create customized alerts and send the right information to the right people via the right channel, e.g., email with rich text, SMS, or mobile apps.


Create, specify, and define which tasks should trigger the alert and when notifications should be sent out.


Configure custom conditions for what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSWYG) notifications.


Support and facilitate change event alerting.


Connect to many different data sources, and seamlessly integrate with most messaging and email platforms to decide on the best way to be notified.


Capitalize on the secure cloud-based architecture to support and enhance the existing alerting capabilities of enterprise systems and applications already in place.


Execute multisite deployments in just a few days.


Read on to find out how to achieve holistic visibility over manufacturing operations and proactively prevent unplanned issues. Contact us to learn how Manufacturo can boost your production performance.

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Provide actionable data and notifications for Manufacturo and external systems

Most production alerting systems have technological shortcomings and limits that make them ineffective in highly regulated hi-tech manufacturing environments. They lack the ability to configure and customize alerts to the existing manufacturing model effectively.

ALERTigo seamlessly connects to any internal or external database allowing for the creation of notification jobs in diverse forms, including emails and MS Teams messages. It enables the authors of notification jobs to limit the number of alerts through the "snapshot" capability that generates notifications based only on the changing business data.


Instant first-hand notifications that keep manufacturing operations running

ALERTigo makes complex manufacturing operations more proactive to potential issues through early warnings or immediate first-hand notifications. It pinpoints hidden inefficiencies to drive down manufacturing costs by identifying unexpected delays in downtime and communicating critical changes to manufacturing parts and processes, ensuring end-to-end traceability. Capturing changes in data using

 Manufacturo's alert and notification solution enables manufacturers to:

  • Spur efficiency savings to curb manufacturing costs and delays by focusing attention on potential issues in a consumable fashion
  • Set up targeted alerts to targeted people to streamline the effectiveness of alerts and remove the noise
  • Reduce the chance of problems downstream by alerting on defective parts, production delays, upcoming critical calibration events and more

More informed and data-based decisions

Through digital transformation and the power of technology, you can make better, more informed, and data-based decisions in real time. Manufacturo's smart alerting solution enables manufacturers to monitor risks across all functions from engineering and production, through maintenance and quality control, to HR and finances, creating perfect conditions for effective decision making.



Enables employees to prioritize their time by automating data analysis and alerting staff to critical events.


Notifies finance teams of problems including excessive labor ticket costs or open order backlogs.


Gives manufacturers 24-hour full-spectrum visibility of risks and opportunities across entire manufacturing lines.

Drive proactivity through early warnings or smart alerts tailored to your needs

Use fully automated data collection to effectively track
data changes and send immediate alerts when they take place

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