Quickly and confidently identify, track, and control defects anywhere in the production lifecycle with embedded quality management controls and near real-time oversight. Precision operations are achieved with comprehensive QA processes, proximity to problem sources, and expedited control and containment of defects.

With Manufacturo’s nonconformance solution, we can quickly and reliably pinpoint any root cause of nonconformance instances and perform a process failure modes effects analysis (PFMEA)….having a clear nonconformance or issue ticket system to be able to track any deviations or nonconformances on the aircraft, we were able to burn those down and make sure that we were closing those out specifically before key tests as well.

Ellen Malloy

Director of Manufacturing, Hermeus
Nonconformance SS

Features and Benefits


Achieve greater efficiency, time and cost savings, risk mitigation and safety, and strengthened compliance practices that drive continuous quality improvement.


Empower technicians with unfiltered access to a single source of the truth. Prevent costly misses or documentation gaps that slow production, harm reputation, or customer relationships.


Increase the speed of your nonconformance workflow and rules engine by allowing dynamic changes to best fit your business needs based on rules that are fully configurable.


Generate and embed rework and repair instructions into your build procedure, tied directly to an approved disposition.


Seamless integration with inventory and shopfloor execution provides explicit defect visibility during transactions and critical decision points, reducing risk and simplifying containment actions.


Enable effective (and efficient) root cause analysis by linking corrective actions to defects and quality issues where they originated and were first identified.


Ensure regulatory compliance both for customer and government bodies with automatic end-to-end traceability and visibility of all user actions, including what was done, what was changed, and when.

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