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Requesting a customized Manufacturo demo is quick and easy. Visit our dedicated web page to submit your contact details and hear back from us within 48 hours

Requirements analysis

Your expectations and needs are our priority, so we put you in the driver's seat while conducting a thorough requirements analysis. To ensure your needs are covered, you’ll get a quick questionnaire to fill out, outlining your preferences and areas of interest. By helping examine your manufacturing model, you remain in control of what you want to see and when.

If the requirements analysis uncovers any gaps or issues, we will collaborate with you to address them effectively. You will have access to the core product and service team members to help you fully understand the functionality and roadmap and the proper course of action. If certain features require additional development, you’ll discuss them and collaborate with our product team. We value feedback, so this process helps us strengthen our product while meeting the needs of our new and existing customers. 

Your specific needs will be further addressed using Manufacturo’s Integrator module which offers several customization options such as:

The ability to build and embed custom screens that look and act like the standard product

Add new and custom endpoints for easier and more efficient integration with other systems

Implement bespoke business logic, ensuring seamless integration with your existing workflows

Add additional custom attributes to most Manufacturo entities ensuring proper coverage of critical information


The evaluation process for implementing Manufacturo is optional. However, further evaluation can take place if you would like to experience it firsthand before making the final decision.

The critical elements of the evaluation process include:

Hands-on experience

This is your opportunity to test Manufacturo using your own master data. You will get access to a dedicated site prepared for you to explore Manufacturo’s functionalities and capabilities within a controlled environment.

Organized evaluation environments

Your manufacturing model and requirements will be reflected in evaluation environments organized and configured to include your parts, locations, and other relevant data. You can use the default data we provide or import your own set of master data to make it more relevant and relatable.

Dedicated consultant assistance

A dedicated consultant will be assigned to work closely with your team to provide personalized guidance, addressing your specific requirements and concerns.

Customized test scenarios

You have the chance to define and execute test scenarios tailored to your unique manufacturing workflows and processes. Assistance will be available to help you design relevant and comprehensive test cases to evaluate all or selected Manufacturo applications thoroughly.

Personalized breakout sessions

We will organize time to talk with our subject matter experts (SMEs) to delve deeper into any specific features and functionalities that you require. These breakout sessions will help you understand how Manufacturo can help your organization and eliminate frustration and risk.

Weekly meetings

We will hold weekly meetings (or more if needed) to ensure you have all your questions answered and to create as much comfort as possible in making your decision.

Signing the order form

After you have completed the evaluation process and are satisfied with how Manufacturo can be a part of your manufacturing operations, the next step is to sign the order form. Our team will work with you to create and gather all the necessary documentation detailing the agreed-upon terms and conditions to get Manufacturo started within your organization.

Pain-driven development

Your specific needs and pain points always determine our approach to the implementation process. We like to tackle and eliminate problems that cause the most pain. Using customer pain-driven development, we can ensure that every application within Manufacturo is tailored to solve your individual challenges.

Roadmap tailored to clients

Utilizing tools like Jira Product Management, you can submit a feature request or provide valuable feedback to be directly involved in shaping our roadmap, ensuring that every feature we develop addresses specific customer needs. 

Transparent collaboration

Holding monthly meetings with clients to discuss feedback and prioritize features guarantees we maintain ultimate transparency. This collaborative approach empowers you to shape the direction of our product.

Focus on alleviating pain

You can track progress and engage with our team via a dedicated client portal. We update Manufacturo weekly with release notes published frequently and regularly to support those updates, focusing on resolving pain points identified by you and other clients.

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Implementation and customization services 

At Manufacturo, we understand you have a unique manufacturing model and requirements. Our Services Team is ready to support you on your implementation journey by guiding you in critical areas.

Extensive customization

We offer extensive customization options to ensure you can effectively capitalize on all the benefits that Manufacturo provides. You can customize various elements, including screens, attributes, alerts, reports, business logic, and actions

Master data

You can easily import master data to Manufacturo using ready tools or create your own scripts to upload data in a preferred format such as Microsoft Excel.

Personalized training

While you can create your own reports and alerts in Manufacturo, we understand that support may be needed, and we are ready to assist you with expert guidance, consultations, and specialized training as required.

OOTB applications

Manufacturo’s out-of-the-box (OOTB) applications typically include the core features you need, which means you can go live within a few weeks or even sooner. With this, we understand that some functionality may not exist but this can be filled by our extension frameworks to ensure all functionality is delivered as needed.

ITAR compliance 

For ITAR-compliant manufacturers, we offer dedicated US-based implementation teams to ensure compliance and confidentiality in every stage of the implementation process. 

Data migration 

Whether you prefer importing via API or Excel spreadsheets, we offer diverse options to suit your needs. If you have a unique data format or an existing system with formatted data, our team will conduct a thorough analysis to determine the optimal approach for safely importing your existing data.

Integrations: Enhancing the Power of Connectivity

Successful implementation also relies on efficiently integrating of key systems in your data-driven manufacturing environment. Whether you use Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) applications, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) solutions, or Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), you need the right connectors for effective manufacturing software integrations.

Visit our dedicated web page for details on Manufacturo integrations.


Manufacturo implementation FAQ 

Manufacturo can be implemented as a stand-alone solution in days, whereas integration with third-party systems usually takes 6–8 weeks depending on the complexity and available connectivity.

Definitely the integration phase, it is important to precisely plan what data should be exchanged and what should trigger an exchange of the data. We have integrated with hundreds of systems and it is important to understand the flow of data and what system owns what. 

Ensure you have the right people and some of their time to start the process on your side. The services team might support you on this journey, but they will need some input from your team.