Shopfloor Operations

Equip production technicians with intuitive tools and advanced technology to efficiently execute work orders. The shopfloor operations application serves as the central source of truth for getting it built - managing parts installation and removal, collecting critical data, performing inspections, and conducting tests. This ensures 100% accuracy of as-built records even if there are unplanned changes like rework, alternate parts, and redlines. 

Going paperless on the shopfloor is a huge advantage. Having everything digital, you can attach almost any kind of control function to summarize it…So I have 100% traceability of who was working on which workstation, building what assembly under what temperature, condition, and humidity. So, it’s amazing. You can see everything and just with a click, you can combine these lines.

Peter Dachs

Head of Production and Test, Mynaric
Shopfloor Control SS

Features and Benefits


When a procedure is released to the shopfloor, create and complete work orders while ensuring technicians adhere to defined rules and processes.


End-to-end data collection and documentation of user actions enhances efficiency in closeouts, inspections, and quickly determining the root cause of issues. Aided by automation like multi-serialization and batch entry, you don’t need to sacrifice documentation accuracy for speed. 


With a centralized system of documentation, you can store and track all work, including rework, repairs, and work instructions, ensuring greater consistency and accuracy of data and historical records. 


By leveraging a direct connection to our inventory, traceability, and Nonconformance applications, you can ensure reliable traceability of all parts, enhance accuracy, boost situational awareness, and have confidence in your final build configuration.


With timely, accurate as-built BOM information available, you can ensure that any suspect hardware or nonconformances can be immediately contained with minimal effort.


An intuitive UI/UX design enhances visual understanding of the process, improving repeatability, first-pass quality, and simplifying the training of new production teams. 

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