Endless opportunities to improve your business

Manufacturo resembles the smartphone and app store concept. There is a set of pre-built applications that Manufacturo users can install and use. The platform also offers the ability to develop custom applications that can satisfy specific customer requirements. 

Take a look at Manufacturo Applications

Manufacturo offers off-the-shelf applications that can help manufacturing companies increase efficiency, productivity, and quality in just a few weeks. The applications are built using microservices architecture, cloud-native, and optimized for scalability and performance. The apps can be used standalone or be a part of an enterprise manufacturing solution.

Manufacturo ALERTIGO is a robust alert and exception management system that captures changes in data and provides a rich set of notifications to the appropriate users at the right time using the selected channel. This notification engine enables the entire operation to become more proactive to potential issues through early warnings and immediate fist-hand notifications.

Manufacturo eKnows is an innovative application that streamlines maintenance tasks. It allows the operators to solve the production line challenges without the maintenance team’s support. The AI-based system can provide operators with relevant information when help is needed.  This innovative solution can minimize the time and resources required to maintain your plant equipment and reduce issue resolution time.

Manufacturo eBox is a comprehensive equipment monitoring solution. The app tracks performance, quality, availability, tasks, and alerts on any machine. The eBox user interface is very intuitive and easy to configure. The application can quickly improve shopfloor performance and help increase asset utilization.

Manufacturo eWorkin helps streamline workflows, automate processes, and leverages mobile technologies. The app delivers relevant quality control and maintenance work instructions anywhere and on any device. eWorkin is flexible and collects rich data for analysis and process improvements.