An automated alerting system providing holistic visibility over end-to-end manufacturing, predicting and preventing issues before they arise.  

The accelerating pace of innovation across hi-tech emergent markets requires agile manufacturing systems capable of anticipating new risks and predictively adjusting everything from stock levels to staff training.


Inventory savings of +$1m per year


Curbs manufacturing costs and delays


Boosts workforce productivity and efficiency

The problem it solves

ALERTigo pinpoints hidden inefficiencies to drive down manufacturing costs by identifying unexpected delays in downtime and communicating critical changes to manufacturing parts and processes to ensure end-to-end traceability.


  • Spurs efficiency savings to curb manufacturing costs and delays 
  • Issues targeted alerts of priority problems to streamline workload and maximise resource  
  • Effectively addresses issues related to downtime, defective parts, delayed repairs or uncalibrated tools 

  • Enables pre-emptive maintenance, de-risking the accelerating automation of manufacturing 
  • Detects and corrects faults or hazards at an early stage to streamline and improve assembly lines  

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ALERTigo lowers barriers to adoption and enables legacy systems to rapidly be retrofitted for smart alerting. With far reaching benefits and features, ALERTigo can be seamlessly integrated into your manufacturing processes.

Improving operations

Manufacturo allows businesses to improve operations and streamline manufacturing lines. ALERTigo: 


  • Automatically notifies of major changes across supply chains and manufacturing by comparing time-stamped ‘snapshots
  • Enables safe automation of manufacturing and maintenance by identifying excessive downtimes, defective items, upcoming audits or uncalibrated tools 
  • Opens order backlogs, prevents undetected problems, providing a holistic end-to-end visibility over any issues  

Making more informed decisions

By harnessing the power of technology, companies can make better, more informed decisions. ALERTigo allows businesses to monitor costs and risks across all functions from engineering to maintenance and make more cost-effective choices. The system: 

  • Allows employees to prioritise their time by automating data analysis and alerting staff to critical events 
  • Pinpoints indicators of inefficiency across staff and manufacturing process 
  • Alleviates skills or supply chain shortages by identifying key risks driving predictive procurement and recruitment  
  • Notifies finance teams of problems including excessive labour ticket costs or open order backlogs 


ALERTigo ultimately gives manufacturers 24-hour full-spectrum visibility of risks and opportunities across entire manufacturing lines.  

ALERTigo can


Improve operational efficiency
across manufacturing lines


Add deeper insight and value to
decision making across the
business, including financial


Optimise operations through
targeted alerting to issues

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