An Introduction to OEE

Often misunderstood, it’s still the premier standard for measuring manufacturing productivity. Read on to learn why applying Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) correctly can give manufacturers a leg up on the competition.

Cheaper, faster and less-risky

Implementing an MES (Manufacturing Execution System) can be an enormous undertaking as this system typically serves as a bridge between the shop floor and management, while also being interwoven with production processes. It is also quite expensive and risky due to its complexity.

Challenges of AI

Artificial Intelligence may be one of the most impressive human achievements and offers endless opportunities for companies willing to foster this technology.

A New Perspective on Manufacturing

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) serves as a bridge between the shop floor and the boardroom, which is why it’s an indispensable tool for modern manufacturers. Despite their undeniable benefits, implementing MES typically involves some formidable challenges.

Data Security with Microsoft Azure

The general debate about the utility of Cloud-based solutions seems to have been settled – over 90 percent of global enterprises report using cloud computing in some part of their business.

Taming a Black Swan

It appears without warning, typically at the least convenient of times. It turns expectations upside down and renders carefully planned business strategies obsolete.