What is Manufacturo eKnows?

Manufacturo eKnows is an innovative application that streamlines maintenance tasks. It allows the operators to solve the production line challenges without the support of the maintenance team or the more experienced colleagues. The AI-based system tracks current, predicts the upcoming issues, and provides the relevant reports. It then relies on its broad knowledge gained during the machine learning process to guide the employees through the troubleshooting process step by step. This innovative solution can minimize the time and resources required for equipment maintenance, issue detection, and help successfully restore production. 

Key Features

More self-sufficient shop floor operators

The system leads the operator step by step through issue identification by asking questions to provide solutions based on the experience gained during the machine learning process. 

Streamlined communication between the production and maintenance teams

An interactive user guide (chat-bot) for operators supports them in fixing issues without the maintenance team’s involvement. For better diagnostics, users can add notes and photos. To make it more convenient, they can use voice commands and conversation-style approach instead of manually typing the questions. The conversation resembles a conversation with a maintenance engineer. 

Ever-growing, always up-to-date knowledge base

The system uses the knowledge acquired from maintenance engineers who classify production downtimes and provide a description of the solution after fixing an issue. The application’s knowledge base will grow over time, enabling it to precisely handle a large number of cases. 

Main Benefits

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