Holistic integrations and connectors for manufacturing environments

The integration of key systems is crucial in technology-driven, data-based modern manufacturing. As manufacturers embrace the era of Industry 4.0, manufacturing software integrations allow for the creation of a seamlessly connected production ecosystem that is responsive, agile, and poised for continuous improvement.

How to integrate Manufacturo


Establishing seamless connections

Configure API to interlink ERP, PLM, automation layers, and Manufacturo

Utilize the 100+ APIs in Manufacturo to create an uninterrupted connection and integrate with external solutions. This first step establishes a network that enables smooth upstream and downstream data flow among diverse systems.


Crafting intelligent business flows

Implement actions and business logic triggered by API data

Maximize Manufacturo’s potential by creating dynamic business flows. Develop intelligent actions and business logic that respond to information received via the API, ensuring optimized, efficient, and responsive manufacturing processes.


Migrating data with security and confidence

Transfer data securely, easily, and effortlessly

Safeguard your information during the data migration process. Make seamless transfers with confidence, ensuring the integrity and security of your manufacturing data as it moves between third-party systems and Manufacturo.

Your integration options

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Integrate seamlessly with Manufacturo

Dive into our API documentation

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 Real-life use cases

Manufacturo has a proven track record of successful manufacturing systems integrations between our software and third-party solutions. Following are examples of our real-life use cases. 


Seamlessly connect Manufacturo with your ERP system to provide real-time insights into production status, inventory transactions, and quality issues. Make data-driven decisions with instant feedback, enhancing your ability to respond swiftly to operational challenges.


A comprehensive cloud-based solution offering integrated financial and accounting tools, inventory and customer relationship management, and e-commerce capabilities.


A modular, industry-specific software with tools for manufacturing, distribution, retail, and services to manage finances, human resources, customers, and supply chain.


A market-leading system providing end-to-end business solutions for various industries, with modules for finance, supply chain, and human resources, among others.


Microsoft's suite of cloud-based applications designed to streamline business processes and enhance customer engagement.


An open-source platform offering a wide range of integrated configurable applications, customizable to fit diverse business needs and objectives.


Software for enterprises and small project-based businesses, offering solutions for project accounting, resource management, and project management.


Industry-specific enterprise software with advanced analytics and flexible deployment options including on premises or as a service.


Integrate Manufacturo with your PLM system to ensure up-to-date Bills of Materials (BOMs) and products with continuously improving designs. Stay ahead with dynamic updates and streamline your design processes.


Easy-to-use software accessible to any business, known for its 2D and 3D modeling capabilities, widely used in engineering and product design.


Software offering product lifecycle management solutions that automate design, simulation, manufacturing, data management, and engineering change. 


A cloud-based platform providing product development teams with a single source of truth for collaboration, change management, and regulatory compliance.


An intuitive cloud-native platform that enables hardware teams to make timely decisions and build disruptive products while remaining agile.


Integrated PLM and CAD software for organizations of all sizes, providing comprehensive tools for product design, engineering analysis, and manufacturing. 

Supplier portal

Use Manufacturo to enhance collaboration by exchanging data seamlessly through your supplier portal. Streamline Purchase Order processes and simplify returns to vendors for smoother operations.


A procurement management platform enabling hardware companies to improve purchasing processes, supplier management, and supply chain operations.

Accounting software

Connect Manufacturo with accounting software to efficiently send operational cost data. Perfect for clients who prefer dedicated accounting solutions, offering flexibility while maintaining data accuracy and integrity.


A popular accounting software for small and mid-size businesses, offering tools for invoicing, expense tracking, and financial reporting.

Is your software missing from the list?

At Manufacturo, we understand that every organization operates with its unique set of tools and software preferences. Are you using software or third-party systems that are not included in any of the previous sections? It’s totally fine, our integration capabilities go beyond the list, offering you the flexibility to link our manufacturing software with any system or solution of your choice. 

Learn how we can integrate with your software

Unlock seamless integration solutions

Learn in detail how Manufacturo enables seamless integration

Read our exclusive guide to gain a comprehensive understanding of how Manufacturo ensures seamless integrations between our software and third-party solutions. From ERP and PLM, through supplier portals, to design and accounting software, our integration capabilities give you the flexibility to link Manufacturo with any system or solution of your choice.

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