Inventory Management

Manage inventory at every stage in the warehouse or shopfloor to provide end-to-end visibility and traceability and ensure the stock flows in synch with manufacturing and customers’ needs.

Demand for adaptable manufacturing and accelerated production requires smart manufacturing systems capable of dynamically matching all parts with production flows in real-time.


Improve inventory accuracy and thereby improving the accuracy of production planning


Reduce parts shortages on the line side and provides full visibility on the kitting status


Eliminate errors and improve efficiencies for material handlers through smart scanning and precise inventory traceability

The problem it solves

Manufacturo’s Inventory Management helps keep production flowing by monitoring all inventory transactions to pinpoint manufacturing inefficiencies or faults and prevent supply chain shortages.

Inventory Management:

  • Prevents material shortages to enable ‘just-in-time’ manufacturing and avert unexpected delays
  • Identifies inventory inefficiencies from high storage rates
  • Identifies new parts needed for product innovations to enable agile assembly lines
  • Pinpoints causes of manufacturing inefficiencies such as late or faulty parts
  • Provides transparency and traceability to ensure consistent standards across departments and sites
  • Improves efficiency of inventory handlers by optimally guiding them in the execution of prioritized tasks


Creating agile, high-speed production

Manufacturo allows businesses to create agile, efficient, high-speed manufacturing by managing stock levels, scrap and waste and dynamically matching material supply with manufacturing demand in real-time. The Inventory Management module:


  • Prevents manufacturing inefficiencies by automatically tracking stock levels, scrap and waste in real-time
  • Anticipates and averts supply chain shortages by monitoring and matching replenishment with production demand in real-time
  • Fuels agile manufacturing by dynamically matching material supplies to engineering and product changes
  • Optimizes the work of inventory handlers by guiding them through the execution of prioritized tasks and orders

Ensures consistent quality, safety and sustainability

Inventory Management allows companies to enforce consistent quality control, safety and sustainability standards across diverse assembly lines through enhanced visibility and traceability by:

  • Validating product safety and sustainability through end-to-end traceability of all inventory transactions
  • Enforcing consistent standards across fragmented manufacturing processes through centralised real-time visibility of all material quantities and movements
  • Preventing product defects before they occur through integration with Nonconformance Management
  • Monitoring changes to parts that could affect product quality to through integration with One View Genealogy


Manufacturo enables smart, predictable manufacturing that records inventory transactions from arrival to shipping, averts risks, and matches inventory levels with manufacturing demands in real-time.

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