What is manufacturing execution system (MES)

Manufacturing execution system (MES) is a specialized software designed and developed to help manufacturers execute work orders and control, manage, and synchronize production processes from raw materials or half-assembled parts all the way to finished products. 

Through real-time data collection, MES provides valuable insights on process performance, shop-floor operations, inventory levels, component traceability, and genealogy. 

To better coordinate the execution of work orders, many MES solutions integrate with production planning systems like enterprise resources planning (ERP) and product lifecycle management (PLM) software.

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What is Manufacturo MES Software?  

Manufacturo MES software is a suite of cloud-based applications built and deployed in Azure Cloud. Its platform-like architecture and out-of-the-box features minimize the rollout cost and timeline.

All of Manufacturo's capabilities are available out-of-the-box and can be easily and quickly configured to best fit into your current business plan, address your individual manufacturing needs, and meet necessary compliance requirements.

Once deployed, Manufacturo MES software:

  • Optimizes all manufacturing operations 
  • Synchronizes all production processes 
  • Becomes a single source of truth 
  • Offers a single view of all activities 
  • Collects real-time data 
  • Provides extensive insights 
  • Ensures end-to-end traceability 
  • Increases control of nonconformances
  • Improves inventory management 

Ultimately, you gain significantly greater agility, unseen before flexibility, and ability to operate at scale.

Is Manufacturo right for me? 

Our MES solution is created and built to effectively support your manufacturing processes and seamlessly mold into your business model, not the other way around. Manufacturo’s cloud-based design and software-as-a-service (SaaS) model ensures smooth deployment and offers flexibility that empowers both hi-tech emergent companies and mature innovation firms in complex industries. 

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How can Manufacturo benefit me?

Manufacturo MES software drives digital transformation through seamless and effective migration from non-integrated point solutions, like in-house built systems, or unstructured and uncontrolled tools, such as Excel or Jira. To further accelerate automation of your manufacturing operations, Manufacturo facilitates smooth integration with your current technology landscape, existing automation layer, and ERP and PLM systems.

You will experience


Improved change management by keeping planners, engineers, and shop-floor operators up to date with the process plan, from creation through alterations, all in real time. 


Fast digitalization and full automation of all your production lines and manufacturing models in a single platform accessible from anywhere, as long as you're on the network.


Increased control and better visibility into nonconformance events so that you can prevent nonconformance escapes and eliminate issues that might compromise product quality.


Effective data management that provides you with valuable insights to drive cross-functional collaboration, synchronize workflows, and eliminate bottlenecks.


A unified and holistic view of the entire production process and manufacturing operations across all assembly lines in a single easily accessible platform.


Expedited time to market and return on investment by effectively streamlining manufacturing processes for the swift production of high-quality and reliable products.


Data-driven insights that create perfect conditions for informed decision making, putting stop to guessing and driving optimized and analyzed operations.


Change management is easier with Manufacturo.

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Manufacturo differentiators 

Hand Money

Delivers value and drives growth from day one

Day Time

Deployed in days, not weeks or months


All features are available out of the box


Capabilities easily configurable to specific needs

Man Chart

Redlining to ensure effective quality management


As-built reports generated in just a few clicks

Man Gear

Connects engineering and manufacturing in real time


Accessible from anywhere and any screen within the network


No fixed and binding sales cycles


Subscription-based with payments only for services used


Unlock Manufacturing Excellence with Manufacturo.

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How Manufacturo works and integrates 

Manufacturo seamlessly integrates with your current technology landscape, existing automation layer, ERP and PLM systems, and HR management solutions. 

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Manufacturo installation and deployment

The great thing about integrating and deploying Manufacturo MES software is that there’s no single and written in stone approach to doing that. We created Manufacturo to mold into your existing manufacturing model, so you benefit from custom-prepared installation, deployment, and integration. 

You tell us about your manufacturing operations, existing pain points, and regulatory requirements, and we will develop the action plan that best fits your business model and objectives. Once we learn about your needs and challenges, your team and our specialists will decide which of the two available Manufacturo options, Standard or Enterprise, is optimal for your manufacturing processes.

Installation, deployment, and integration of a new Manufacturo environment is fast and automated. There are only few manual steps in the whole process whose completion takes about one day. The tools used to achieve that include Terraform, Azure command-line interface (CLI), Azure DevOps, and Helm. Infrastructure as code (IoC) with Terraform and the Azure CLI are used to enable hosting the MES solution in the Azure infrastructure. After the infrastructure is complete, Azure DevOps builds Docker images, uploads them to Azure Container Registry, and runs them on Kubernetes cluster hosted with Azure Kubernetes Services.

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Manufacturo deployment time 

The deployment time is typically just a fraction of the time required to roll out traditional MES solutions. Manufacturo’s entirely cloud-native built and configurable all-in-one platform model greatly simplifies and accelerates all deployment stages. Since one size does not fit all, the deployment time is different for each client, depending on your industry, market demands, and individual needs. The important thing is that you’ll be reaping the benefits practically from day one, even while we work on further fine-tuning and tailoring the MES features to your individual manufacturing process. 

Book a demo to see how Manufacturo can benefit you.

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Manufacturo and Industry 4.0

Manufacturo effectively drives your digital transformation and empowers you to capitalize on Industry 4.0 technologies. 

Our interoperable MES solution automatically checks with third-party systems and seamlessly integrates with your existing tools and software to help you best adapt to reality of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. You will quickly get the most out of cloud environment, analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT) to take your operations to another level, from process planning, through shop-floor operations and inventory management, to nonconformance events and regulatory compliance. You will gain an unmatched, real-time end-to-end control and complete view of manufacturing lines to identify and eliminate unproductive practices, redundant processes, data silos, and performance bottlenecks. Manufacturo MES is here to support you as you embrace Industry 4.0.

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When it comes to regulatory compliance, our SaaS solution translates to safe and absolutely secure. 
You just focus on your goals while we keep you compliant with mandatory standards and regulations.