Nonconformance Management

Integrated management of all non-conformance events to spur smart, predictive manufacturing that anticipates and averts product defects at source.

Manufacturers need advanced systems capable of quickly detecting and correcting any errors to prevent waste, quality and safety issues rippling across complex manufacturing lines


Removes errors in complex manufacturing processes for hi-tech products from space to solar


Boosts manufacturing efficiency by reducing scrap rates and recalls


Boosts quality, safety and compliance by eliminating potential defects

Nonconformance Management can:

  • Contain and correct errors inline in real-time to prevent potential defects spreading across assembly lines
  • Pinpoint and prevent potential defects at an early stage to reduce scrap and recalls
  • Allow engineers to instantly adjust work instructions inline to fix errors
  • Identify opportunities for pre-emptive repairs to reduce waste
  • Identify common errors, helping optimise processes to prevent similar future events
  • Accelerate entire nonconformance process from detection to decision to prevent costly delays
  • Produce smart data from past NC events to help manufacturers prevent similar future errors
  • Connect with all machines or tools to enable consistent quality control across diverse manufacturing lines
  • Smart NC monitoring and management enables efficient use of limited human resources



Nonconformance Management analyses and optimises all parts and processes to prevent defects at an early stage, continually improving product quality and safety over time.

Creating smart, predictive assembly lines

Manufacturo’s Nonconformance Management module helps identify errors and dynamically adapt everything from process plans to shopfloor operations in response.

  • Reduces human error and labour costs by accelerating everything from error identification and evaluation to isolation and final decision
  • Enables agile, preventive process plans by integrating with operations so that work instructions are updated to resolve nonconformances in real-time
  • Seamlessly integrates with inventory management and shopfloor applications to swiftly change nonconforming parts and correct processes
  • Pinpoints the site and source of errors, empowering teams to make critical hardware changes
  • Creates data goldmine that could allow manufacturers to categorise and recognise common errors and improve future processes


Boosting safety, quality and regulatory compliance

Manufacturo brings full visibility to nonconformance events to enforce safety and quality standards across production:

  • Boosting regulatory compliance with automatic traceability and visibility of causes
  • Creating smarter human decisions through alerts, analysis and instructions sent to employee mobile devices
  • Isolating problems at source by giving manufacturers live visibility of unresolved errors before they spread
  • Enabling swift resolution of critical flaws by instantly correcting tools, parts or processes
  • Preventing errors spreading to other processes through explicit ‘must close by’ controls


Nonconformance Management reduces the cost and risk of manufacturing through smart systems that predict and prevent product faults before they occur.

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