One View Genealogy

A complete audit trail from concept to completion to monitor and manage manufacturing changes and accelerate speed to market, while providing traceability and transparency for ESG and regulatory compliance

Accelerating speed to market while improving the safety and sustainability of hi-tech products requires integrated, automated, end-to-end traceability of components across complex, multi-level assembly lines.


Holistic overview from first parts to finished product helps manufacturers measure manufacturing progress against targets


Lowers the cost of compliance with regulations around validation and traceability


Reduces time for managing containments to increase speed to market for hi-tech products

The problem it solves

Manufacturo’s One View Genealogy provides integrated traceability to ensure consistent quality control and regulatory compliance across increasingly complex, automated and agile manufacturing processes.

One View Genealogy:

  • Provides consistent quality control across increasingly diverse and dispersed manufacturing lines
  • Charts the impact of changes to components, streamlining change management, enabling agile innovation and accelerating time to market
  • Offers automatic traceability, reducing the cost of compliance with quality, sustainability, and safety regulations
  • Tracking manufacturing progress across every stage reduces risk of exceeding project budgets or timelines
  • Provides transparency and traceability for Environmental, Social Governance commitments
  • Uses track-and-trace across high volume fully automated production lines helps derisking industrial automation


Streamlines regulatory compliance

One View Genealogy provides complete transparency and traceability across all manufacturing products, parts and processes.

  • Providing a streamlined, secure audit trail for regulators through a single digital thread, tracing end-to-end product history with photographic evidence
  • Instantly pinpoints defective tools or parts by charting all minor or major manufacturing events from redlines to inventory movements
  • Helps enforce safety and sustainability standards through live full-spectrum visibility of multi-tiered assembly processes

Accelerating speed to market

One View Genealogy enables manufacturers to track progress against targets and adjust processes or parts in real-time to accelerate speed to market. 

  • Helping safely implement manufacturing changes by analysing impact of all manufacturing events on product quality
  • Monitoring manufacturing progress against targets by accurately tracking all stages from subassemblies to finished product
  • Enabling innovation through end-to-end overview of evolution from as-designed to as-built and as-maintained

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