Process Planning

Process Planning offers a single planning solution across all manufacturing models that can be accessed and adjusted by all engineers, driving integrated, collaborative, and agile projects. 

The pace of technology innovation requires integrated, agile manufacturing plans that can synchronise and democratise manufacturing processes across increasingly diverse and fast-moving manufacturing.


Agile change management to improve product quality and production speed through combined redlining and nonconformance ticketing


Integrated manufacturing planning used to scale up manufacturing of hi-tech products from advanced composites and aviation to solar technologies and satellites


Feedback loop from shopfloor to engineers enables efficient, highly scalable production of complex technologies

The problem it solves

Manufacturo Process Planning:

  • Consolidates planning across all manufacturing models and operations to synchronise and streamline globalised processes
  • Single platform can scale from complex manual assembly to high volume automated mass manufacturing
  • Adjusts processes to feedback from the factory floor in real-time, creating dynamic, data-driven plans
  • Enables work orders to be adjusted to correct engineering change orders, removing critical defects early
  • Supports serial and batch tracking for all parts to combine traceability with efficiency
  • Offers complete real-time visibility and traceability across fragmented manufacturing processes


Process Planning’s dynamic integrated process plans align design with manufacturing across operations from fabrication to refurbishment to fuel efficient manufacturing processes.

Connected, collaborative plans for agile manufacturing

Process Planning’s dynamic process plans enables planners and engineers to instantly release and adjust plans, drawing on live shopfloor feedback and real-time data to reflect manufacturing needs and fuel agile manufacturing.

Process Planning:

  • Synchronises planning and operations, enabling real-time redlining and feedback to engineers from the factory floor for everything from batch checks to component changes
  • Moulds plans to quality requirements, with work orders that can be redlined on-site in real-time to repair nonconforming components
  • Fosters cohesive, collaborative manufacturing through one common planning solution for end-to-end processes from fabrication to preventative maintenance



Integrated processes for end-to-end visibility and control

Process Planning:

  • Enables visibility and traceability of all parts across production lines, by enabling manufacturers to seamlessly track parts individually or in batches at any stage
  • Enables holistic manufacturing through integrated planning and data collection across all manufacturing models and operations
  • Supports agile processes by allowing manufacturers to seamlessly adapt routing, pedigrees or different types of work orders within a single platform
  • Drives dynamic development, continually optimised with employee feedback and redlining at every stage of manufacturing


Manufacturo Processing Planning offers accessible, configurable integrated plans encompassing end-to-end manufacturing that connect design with engineering and seamlessly adjusts plans to operational realities.

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