Manufacturo, a leading provider of next-generation manufacturing management software (MMS), announced it has been selected by Reflex Aerospace, for a new collaborative partnership that will accelerate the evolution of satellite platforms manufacturing. 

Reflex Aerospace is shaping the future of technology in orbit, delivering payload-specific satellite platforms to tackle the most challenging missions at unparalleled speed. 

Our collaborative partnership with Manufacturo illustrates our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation throughout the entire manufacturing process for our revolutionary satellite platforms.

Our selection was driven by the value of having a unique, innovative and integrated end-to-end software solution. Additionally, the superior support from their deeply knowledgeable consultants really stood out to us. These are key points to meeting our vision, to enable lightning-fast innovation in space.
Ticiana Andrade Santos
Production Engineer
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Strategic Alliance is a Catalyst for Manufacturing Excellence

Reflex Aerospace applies the most modern technologies to satellites, delivering enhanced reliability and the highest-performing core avionics in class. 

An end-to-end software solution built for technologically advanced manufacturers in emerging sectors such as aerospace was highly attractive to Reflex. Manufacturo solution is unique, it offers a great competitive advantage by covering all production areas without the implementation of an ERP.

We are thrilled to partner with Reflex Aerospace. This is a very exciting opportunity to closely collaborate with their innovative experts—to support their mission and help revolutionize satellite platforms manufacturing.

We have thoroughly enjoyed showcasing the capabilities of our MMS solution and how Manufacturo could digitally transform the traceability tools, sync design and production environments by connecting PLM, and serve as the answer for their production, inventory, and quality digitalization needs.
James Montgomery
VP of Solutions
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About Manufacturo

Manufacturo is a new generation of cloud-based software, built for change in a complex manufacturing industry. Our platform optimizes and synchronizes your production processes at scale, ensuring your operations run like a fine-tuned machine. From product change management to cross-functional collaboration, we support an array of manufacturing models within one platform. 

About Reflex Aerospace

Reflex Aerospace, a NewSpace startup founded in 2021 and headquartered in Munich and Berlin, offers rapid, payload-centric, dual-use, secure-by-design small satellite solutions. They apply modern manufacturing advancements to a unique design process resulting in enhanced reliability, the highest-performing core avionics in class, and improved delivery times.

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