Manufacturo is proud to announce a pivotal partnership with H3X Technologies, visionary manufacturers of high-power density integrated motor drives for sustainable aviation, marine, and defense. This alliance is poised to redefine aerospace manufacturing through innovation and intelligent design.

A Union Forged by Mutual Innovation and Expertise

Eric Maciolek of H3X reveals the compelling factors that led to selecting Manufacturo: 

We were drawn to Manufacturo for several reasons. Their platform's intuitive interface simplifies complex manufacturing processes for our production travelers. The ability to easily view assembly traceability, integrate a non-conformance system, and streamline the buyoff/approval process aligns perfectly with our ambitions to scale and innovate efficiently.
Eric Maciolek
President of H3X
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Confronting Manufacturing Challenges with a Trusted Partner

In the face of scaling challenges, H3X has identified Manufacturo as the ally to help them navigate this critical juncture. "As we expand our production, we face the need for a robust data collection strategy and a process structure that ensures the highest reliability," Maciolek acknowledges. "We trust that Manufacturo's system can alleviate these pain points with its structured process and the capability to scale with our growing demands."

Setting Sights on Ambitious KPIs

H3X has set forth specific KPIs to measure the success of this partnership, focusing on enhancements that Manufacturo’s solutions are expected to support:

  • A reduction in the time needed to consolidate build trace logs, aiming to streamline quality assurance.
  • A decrease in non-conformance cycle time, facilitating rapid resolutions and maintaining product integrity.
  • Improved efficiency in production tasking, leading to clearer direction and minimizing downtime.
  • Reduced time spent searching for parts, ensuring more efficient manufacturing operations.
  • Cost savings from more accurate inventory counts, leading to better resource management.
  • An acceleration of build data collection, enabling more agile and informed decision-making.

Propelling Aerospace Manufacturing to New Horizons

This collaboration is a powerful step toward advancing aerospace manufacturing. Manufacturo and H3X Technologies are not just bridging gaps; they are building a new paradigm where efficiency, innovation, and scalability drive the future of electric aircraft production.

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