In the world we live in today, we want things to be faster, more efficient and deliver positive impact instantly. This is especially true for manufacturers working in high-tech emergent industries such as renewables or aerospace where pressure on delivery is higher than ever.

Manufacturing execution systems (MES) are computerized systems used in manufacturing to track and document the transformation of raw materials to finished goods. Manufacturo is a fairly recent addition to the MES landscape, but backed by highly skilled and intelligent minds, working across high-tech emergent industries.

We unpick some of the reasons why our customers have been investing in holistic MES.

Cost-effective, high-quality system

High-tech emergent industries are often dominated by startups and innovators who want to work in an agile way that is not always possible with well-established names in the industry.

At Manufacturo, we work with our clients to develop or supply MES solutions that best suit their needs. Our off-the-shelf solution can be easily configured and integrated with a client’s existing systems – providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions that allow startups to scale up at speed. We’re able to do this because we have brought in some of the best brains in the industry to offer our clients the right people, with the right expertise, at a cost-effective price point.

By offering a scalable and easy-to-implement cloud-based option, Manufacturo is cheaper, faster and less risky.

Improve operations and design

Holistic systems remove the need for lengthy processes, large spreadsheets and lack of transparency or collaboration. By utilizing an MES solution that talks to your other business systems, such as finance or ERP, our customers can develop more integrated and more efficient ways of working.

The more we talk to emergent companies working in hi-tech spaces such as aerospace or renewables, is that they’re utilizing systems, such as JIRA, to do the job of an MES solution, but hindering their opportunity to grow or scale up their manufacturing as a result. JIRA offers a great, cost-effective solution for startups, but as you grow and require more structure and better process, JIRA can’t compete.

A holistic system also ensures that engineering knowledge and processes can be captured and communicated across the workforce through feedback loops allow to improve design, speeding up the scale of production on the manufacturing floor and reducing waste or scrappage, helping to solve the disconnect that some manufacturers experience when they move products from R&D through to manufacturing.

Bridge the gap between the shopfloor and the boardroom

Several of Manufacturo’s customers were utilizing different systems to manage their shopfloor operations, nonconformance or process planning, for example. But systems that are operated independently typically lack insight. Aside from the benefits of improving design, or offering an effective feedback loop, holistic MES allow companies to make better business decisions.

The ability to access all your data in a single source of truth, which can be integrated into your other business systems, leads manufacturers to make better financial, planning and operational decisions from the top down.

Flexible and scalable as standard

Manufacturo has been implemented in partnership with some of the most innovative companies operating in their space. Recently, Manufacturo worked with a leading innovator in the solar industry to build and implement modules that would improve their operations, without the need for multiple systems and without restricting their ability to scale up as required.

We built additional MES modules such as Inventory Management and Production for High Volume to complement our client’s existing system capabilities while working to their exact standards and requirements – as well as offering scalable solutions.

This flexibility can rarely be offered by competitors without an astronomical cost that is just not feasible for many businesses.

Manufacturo – a system build for change – offers manufacturing and quality engineers a system to manage change in the most efficient way across the entire factory operations and combines Process Planning in Manufacturing, Shop-floor Control, Manufacturing Inventory Management, Manufacturing Traceability, Nonconformance Management, Smart notifications and alerts in a single system.  

If you are looking for a new manufacturing execution system (MES), talk to our global team of experts today.